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Strategic Investment Board

Strategic Investment Board Limited (SIB) offers support
for infrastructure programmes across Northern Ireland.

Strategic Investment Board

Strategic Investment Board

Strategic Investment Board Limited (SIB) offers support for infrastructure programmes across Northern Ireland.


Development and maintenance of a long term Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland (ISNI) is one of SIB’s core statutory responsibilities as set out in the Strategic Investment & Regeneration of Sites (Northern Ireland) Order 2003. The principal objective is to set out a clear framework for future investment in major capital projects across the region in order to assist in their planning, financing, procurement and delivery.

The ISNI is drafted by SIB on behalf of Ministers, working closely with the Executive Office and Department of Finance, and with officials from the spending departments. It is one of the Executive’s three high level policy documents, published alongside and consistent with the Executive’s Programme for Government (PfG) and Budget. It sets out the Executive’s plan for capital investment by all departments and arms-length bodies for the 10-years ahead, including transport infrastructure, schools, colleges, health facilities, social housing, water infrastructure and public sector office accommodation.

SIB also monitors the delivery of capital projects funded under ISNI and issues regular reports to MLAs, chairs of Assembly committees and industry stakeholders, and maintains the ISNI Information Portal to inform stakeholders and the public on progress with schemes in development that are funded under ISNI. A Delivery Tracking System (DTS) was required to allow all Government Departments and their Arm’s Length Bodies to input information regarding capital infrastructure projects and the contracts that underpin them.

The functionality required was:

  • Capture information relating to all infrastructure projects over £500k
  • Link from each project to the unpinning contract information
  • Publish information to the website on projects and contracts;
  • Allow contracting authorities to access the information to make monthly updates to contract information;
  • Allow the public and construction industry to search for information on projects and contracts;
  • Produce monthly automated reports for Permanent Secretaries, MLA’s and Assembly Committees;
  • Allow for adhoc reporting on the delivery of contracts.

In addition, the Social Value Unit within SIB is tasked with supporting the public sector by assisting public bodies to design, implement and monitor social value clauses included in public contracts. We required a system that would allow us to capture the volume and value ofconracts across the Government Departments which included the requirement for contractors to deliver Social Value initiatives as part of their contract. The system and to allow:

  • Capture of contract information and social value targets;
  • Reporting on individual contracts to contract managers
  • Adhoc reporting on the total number of contracts with social value requirements and what had been delivered;
  • Access for contractors to upload information relating to social value initiatives delivered and information relating to long-term unemployed, education leavers and other people who were disadvantaged in the labour market who were given employment under the contract.


A complete end to end system was built to provide multiple interfaces for various devices and users.

Admin Portal

A browser based administration portal was developed and used by the back office staff to manage staff, projects, contracts, departments and public bodies.
Staff use this to configure projects and contracts and create management reports to various stakeholders.

Public Facing portal / Website

A browser interface was built that links into the master system, this presents a searchable interface for contractors to find projects and manage their procurement pipelines.

Private contractor portal

A private web based portal was built for project managers to login in using their own desktop or mobile device.
This allows them to update their contract and trainee information live.

Project Gallery

Contractor Portal - Strategic Investment Board
Web Portal Screen
SIB-Admin Screen


When we implementing the Delivery Tracking System there were very tight timelines to have a live database and website given that the previous contract was due to expire. Malachy Devlin were able to work quickly to deliver the project in a phased approach which allowed us to go live within a very short timeframe. The scope of the system that was developed had to be flexible in order to meet changing demands on our reporting, changes to information required by industry etc. The solution developed by Malachy Devlin allowed us to grow the functionality and reporting as our needs changed. When SIB were charged with delivering and reporting on the social value derived through public expenditure each year, we need a system that would allow us to monitor what was being delivered by contractors. Research in other jurisdictions showed that there were no other Government Bodies who were able to report on the number and value of contracts that were delivering social value or what was being delivered. A bespoke system was built for us which allowed SIB to collate information on all contracts with social value targets across all government departments. it also allowed contractors to login and upload information relating to the initiatives they have delivered and employment opportunities given to people who are disadvantaged in the labour market. Again, the system and reporting had to be flexible as the approach to delivering social value changed and grew over time as it became an Executive priority. Malachy Devlin were able to quickly understand the business need and build and adapt the system to meet our requirements, delivering a system that meets all our needs and is easy and intuitive to use.

Esther BarnesEsther Barnes - Buy Social Development Officer, Strategic Investment Board
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